My Hubby

Each morning I check three things on the internet – e-mail, online banking, and facebook. This morning I opened my facebook to find a beautiful message that my wonderful husband posted on both my wall for all the see as well as a message. I wanted to share it with all of you. It’s actually kind of ironic. You see the whole time I thought that besides getting strength from God I was getting strength from my dear sweet husband. He is so uplifting and positive. When I am down or feeling negative about something he is right there to bring me right back up. He has all the confidence in the world about everything that is going on right now – and confidence is what I desperately need. In the message he wrote he was getting his strength from me. Amazing how that works and how we can continue to lift each other up as we face whatever comes our way. I, like John, thank God everyday for giving me John as my husband and soulmate. Yet again another way that I have been so overly blessed in my life.

Message from John below:

“Hey honey I just got home and saw that you were sleeping so snug in the bed. So as usual to wind down I got on the computer to check my email and see what went on today in the world of facebook and I also like keeping up to date with your blog so I checked it out tonight, this morning, whatever :)….and so as I am reading your most recent posts I cant help but wonder how I ever managed to find you. You never cease to amaze me with your strength, courage, faith, and love for everything, no matter the situation. As I continue reading and reminiscing (sp) about the ups and downs we have had over the past few years, I cant help but to thank god everyday that he led me to you. Though we have had some misfortune in our lives recently, I look to you for reassurance that everything is alright. Your faith and positivity really is truly inspiring for me, as well as others. I am sorry to write a book on your wall, but as I read your blog posts, it really hit me….I am truly the luckiest person in the world to get to share my life with you. I honestly believe that whatever obstacle is put in our path, is never too big to overcome. Simply put, I love you and cherish every moment spent with you. I am so proud of you for your strength, love and courage. I am so happy to call you my wife. I love you dearly!!! Your hubby!”


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