Walking With You – Christmas

Walking With You was created by Kelly of Sufficient Grace Ministries to help support those who have lost a child. Together we share our stories, helpful information, scriptures, encouraging words, prayer requests, and more. To join in on Walking With You please visit Kelly’s blog.
If you are missing someone you love this Christmas, someone of ANY age who is spending Christmas with Jesus this year, join us on this very special Walking With You. We are sharing our Christmas memories and the ways that we remember our loved ones who have gone home to Heaven at Christmas time.
Christmas tree – check
Nativity Scene – check
Stockings – check
Gifts under the tree – slowly!
A toddler getting into the tree – missing….

Last year I prepared for Hudson to be here this Christmas. I bought a ceramic plate and mug set for Santa’s cookies and milk; ornaments for the tree in his nursery…so many things for our little one. I imagined what it would be like to be able to buy gifts for our child and how he would be during Christmas – I couldn’t wait to see his eyes light up and stare at the Christmas tree lights. I purchased the “Elf on a Shelf” to start a new family Christmas tradition….so many plans that have been postponed and that I must save for our next child. Who knew that 21 days after Christmas I would be giving birth to my son who had already gone to Heaven.

I remember on my list of “wants” for Christmas one thing in particular was the “Parents-to-be” ornament from Hallmark. I just HAD to have it. I absolutely LOVE ornaments; the stories they tell; and the memories that unfold as you put each one onto the tree. John was so sorry, but he wasn’t able to find the ornament anywhere – you know how fast they sell out! Well, what a surprise when I opened up my stocking from my parents and there was the ornament! It was a document – stating that we were about to become parents.

We decorated our tree last night (on a side note – while everyone else in Savannah was running from the storms and tornadoes we were out buying a tree) and I came to the coveted ornament. I didn’t know what to do – put it on the tree? put it in Hudson’s chest? Hudson made us a mom and dad, but we won’t be parents until 2010. I decided on putting the ornament up because it is part of my story. It is part of the timeline that goes along with my tree. John and I are still looking for the “perfect” Hudson ornament for this year and we will find it – we just haven’t found one that sticks out.

Christmas is definitely a time when I miss Hudson the most. I love everything about Christmas – the story of Jesus, the trees, decorating, the music – everything! I wanted to be able to share this love and pass it along to our little one – it just looks as though I will have to wait one more to do that….


6 thoughts on “Walking With You – Christmas

  1. Yeah, the parents to be ornament is part of your story and definitely belongs on the tree. I hope that you can find the right one for Hudson. You will get to use all the things that you bought for Hudson last Christmas and you'll be able to remember him as you carry on family traditions.


  2. I'm glad you put the ornament on the tree. It is part of your story…and that's what our Christmas tree is…it tells our family's story. I pray you find just the right ornament to add to your tree for Hudson this year…and will continue to pray for the little one growing within your tummy.

    May God continue to comfort you and give you peace as He carries you through this Christmas and throughout the coming year…

    Remembering Hudson with you…



  3. I'm so glad that you put the ornament on the tree. It is a part of your story. I pray that you can find the one you want for Hudson. I'm praying so much for you and your husband and the new life inside of you.


  4. I hope you find the perfect ornament for Hudson this year! I think it's great you included the parents-to-be ornament on your tree. Hudson really did make you a mom and dad, and that is the ornament that commemorates it. I'm so glad you got it!
    Praying lots of peace and comfort from God as you remember your son this Christmas.


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