Prayer Warriors!!

Update for week 10! We went to the doctor today for our 10 week ultrasound and check-up. The baby measured at 10w6d and had a heartbeat of 172 – both very healthy and lookd great! We have another active little one and he/she was moving around so much it took the doctor awhile to capture the heartbeat. The baby, yolk sac, placenta, cord – everything looks very healthy, normal, and great!

We are having to visit a perinatal specialist tomorrow for a second opinion of something Dr. Odom saw on the ultrasound. In the brain area he saw a little “halo” type shape where the brain was forming and thinks it might be a cystic hygroma. This is were fluid is trapped in the neck and cannot get out and causes lumps to form. The spinal area looked great, but it was just the halo around the brain that he is concerned about from the ultrasounds. There are a few different things that can happen here (coming from the Dr.). This can go away by itself or it could be a chromosomal dysfunction. A typical abnormality is Turner’s syndrome. Tomorrow at 2PM we will find out and go from there with our options. So I ask each of you now to please get on your hands and knees and pray for this little one. We don’t know for sure if something is wrong, but we still need to pray. Tell your friends, family, anyone to pray….

If you read this blog and have been through this please tell me what your outcome, options – everything….I want to be “in the know”. Also – please post something on your blog to add more prayer warriors for our baby.


23 thoughts on “Prayer Warriors!!

  1. Praying for you both and for your new little one! Paige is my sister-in-law, and I wanted to pop over and give you some encouragement. I pray for comfort and peace for your appointment tomorrow and above all God's hand upon your baby for health and strength!


  2. Kimberly,

    I am praying.

    I know you know Isaac's story, but one thing I wanted to mention was that he had a large cystic hygroma at 12 weeks (almost 9mm nuchal fold, when it should be under 3mm). He had NO chromosome abnormalities, and the cystic hygroma was NOT present at birth. I know you know the rest of the outcome, but I wanted to encourage you that this aspect of his diagnosis completely resolved itself.

    I also wanted to point you to this blog http://doubelieveinmiracles.blogspot.com/

    This family's second child was diagnosed with a cystic hygroma in utero, and Liam is now a happy, healthy 1 year old!

    Will be checking back for your update today…

    ~ Stacy


  3. Oh, sorry, I wanted to add.. That if they would like for you all to have an amniocentesis test done, I had to have one done with my first Child, Olivia Faith and with my second, Darwin. I can help you more with question's and all about that cause I have been through that. Just let me know…
    STILL PRAYING.. God's love is all around you 3 right now and he will not let you go.. Love you.. Jean


  4. Kimberly, I have spent much of this morning in prayer for your sweet little baby. I have posted your link on my blog and have asked my prayer warriors to intercede as well. May you have peace and strength ss you go to your appointment today.


  5. This is my first time visiting your blog, and I wanted to let you know you and your sweet baby are in my prayers! I am 10 weeks with our rainbow baby as well.


  6. I came over from Holly's site. I will definitely be praying for you. We lost our son, Noah at 30 weeks, 6 days gestation on July 7 this year. I am always praying for pregnant mommies these days, but especially for those who have lost a child. I'm praying so hard that this little one will be healthy!!!


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