8 weeks

We had another ultrasound and today I am 8w 2d and I am measuring at 8w 6d which is great! The heartbeat is going very strong at 181 bpm. Everything else inside measured great including the yolk sac. Dr. Odom is very pleased with the way everything is growing and looking. I will not go back until I am 10 weeks and that will be my last time to see him. I will then return to my regular OB who will actually be just returning to work herself. She has been battling breast cancer and will return with half days in December. I will be 12 weeks when I see her on December 15th. I am still taking all of the samw medicines, but will probably stop taking about 3 of them before 12 weeks. WHICH WILL BE GREAT!! I am so ready to live a “normal” life – not that I am complaining, but it takes a toll on your mind and body having to remember meds in the morning, shots in the morning, meds in the afternoon, meds at night, shots at night and then another shot twice a week. I think my hair might go gray. John has been a wonderful husband and has picked up duties that would normally be mine.
I had an eye exam yesterday (because one of the medicines I am on could cause burning of the retinas) and my eyes are perfect and I have 20/20 vision. This is one of the medicines that I will probably discontinue soon.
I am still dancing twice a week – teaching jazz/tap and taking ballet and tap; as well as walking. It’s actually funny – I lost all of my pregnancy weight, plus more, before getting pregnant again and now I am wearing clothes I could barely fit in before getting married! I have not gained any weight as of yet, but I am prepared for when it happens! I am not eating very many sweets and doing everything possible to keep my diet on track by eating foods that will help my body. Luckily I had begun to ween myself off of sweets so it has not been too hard. Lately I cannot get enough of popsicles and chicken sandwiches……


4 thoughts on “8 weeks

  1. YEAH!!! I am so excited for you and your husband!! You look great (and I love the hair! As you can imagine this is going to be a journey- I am going to add you and your precious baby on my prayer list. I can't wait until you have that baby in your arms- it is just the greatest blessing EVER!!


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