Ultrasound #2

We had our 7 week ultrasound today – yep I get weekly ultrasounds! Everything looked great! Dr. Odom is very pleased and said the baby looks very healthy. No nickname yet, we haven’t found one that sounds right. The heartbeat was 160!! Which is excellent! The yolk sac (if you recall from last week Dr. O was concerned with the small size) has caught up and is at a normal size now. He said he’s not sure if it’s something that it did on it’s own or if it is an effect from the medicine; either way something is working! Maybe some of you were praying for that yolk sac out there….

I am staying on the same medicines and nothing was added or subtracted from the “recipe”. Today I measured ahead again at 7w 5d. By calculations I am 7w 2d, but Dr. O is happy to see me measuring ahead. I can’t think of anything else that was said of importance….


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