Karen’s Baby Shower

This fine labor day weekend we celebrated Karen’s baby shower. She is around 23 weeks – due the end of December! You may remember Karen from previous blogs, but to refresh your memory, Karen is one of my very best friends – someone I have known since the age of about 4. Karen and Clay will be having a little girl and are thinking about naming her Cassiday. It is still hard to be at events like this because in theory I should be there holding a 5 and 1/2 month old and saying things like, “Hudson loves that toy” or “product” – but in reality I’m not because he’s not here physically.
At the end of a shower I had to listen to one mother make comments like, “well I guess he doesn’t have kids so it’s not as hard” basically we were talking about another friend’s brother being deployed and with it being around Christmas time how it wouldn’t be as hard because he did not have his own wife and kids. I guess I never knew that it was only hard to leave a family when you have kids. Must be my ignorance. I told her that you don’t have to have kids for it to be hard. If anything it makes it harder on his family (i.e. his MOTHER) that her little boy is going off to war.


4 thoughts on “Karen’s Baby Shower

  1. You are so brave to be there for Karen. I have yet to make it to a shower myself. And I am with you on comments people make about not having kids and not being as hard… especially if they are directed at me, reminding me how “lucky” we are to have so much freedom since we don't have kids yet. I both cringe and fight back tears every time, and at this point have mustered the courage to tell people about Isaac when they say things like that.

    Still checking in on you guys often, remembering your sweet HUdson with you, and praying for you as you continue to navigate this difficult road.

    I know that the Lord is so honored by how you are walking this journey.


  2. That was great that you went to the shower and supported your best friend. I haven't been to a baby shower yet. There were 2 I could've went to but I think I was working both weekends so I couldn't go. Not sure how I would've handled it. I'm sure you were thinking of Hudson a lot. Hard not to!!


  3. I remember Karen as being a kind compassionate woman of God. And I admire your strength for going to her baby shower and even holding babies. It took me over three years to hold a baby and to this day I cannot look at little girls who are Mary Esther's age. I haven't gone through what you have and my child's absence from my life was my choice when I gave her up for adoption…

    And Dennis and I did not have any children during his two deployments where he has missed two Chrismases, two anniversaries, three Thanksgivings, and three birthdays, plus all the other holidays. Not having children and having to postpone having a child for two years did make ANY holiday less difficult to bear.


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