CMK’s Bachelorette Party

This weekend I headed to Charleston, SC for Cindy’s bachelorette party. Cindy is getting married to Craig in August – so we had her final “fling before the ring” girls weekend. We arrived Friday night to our condo and then had her lingerie shower. Before the shower we ate some yummy lasagna that Missy (Cindy’s sister) brought from home and it was absolutely delicious! After the shower we went out and about around the downtown area of Charleston.

On Saturday we headed out around the downtown area to shop. Next we got ready for a fun boat trip and to hang out at an island. People from all over dock their boats and just hang out all day – it was a great time. They even have bartenders driving around on jet skis! How fun! After the boat we headed back to our condo to go out for the night. Everyone had a wonderful time and then we went back to our condo for some sleep! Sunday morning, when it was time to leave, my car got hit while parked – by a city official car. What a perfect way to end the weekend – ha! Pictures below!!


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