Happy BIrthday Hubby!

Today was John’s birthday and I was determined this to be the start of me becoming Paula Dean, Betty Crocker, and Martha Stewart’s love child. Did it work? No, but I’m just starting! I baked John a special chocolate chip cookie cake using a recipe I found online. John is not a fan of icing, so I thought this would be perfect for him! Did the cake look pretty? Yes, but then I started playing with the icing and it didn’t look too nice after that – it did taste fantastic however!

I further went into my cooking world and made fried chicken, rice, lima beans, and rolls. Yes, I made it all! I was so proud! The family joined in the festivities and although they made comments like, “do I need to bring my own chicken” and “Aunt Kimberly never cooks” my confidence was not too broken. My excuse for never cooking is that John and I are still living with my parents while we wait for our house to be finished (mid-September!!) and my mom is an amazing cook, so why bother??

The pictures might not look so hot – John got me a new camera (Canon Rebel) and we were trying it out. Yes, I got a present on his birthday, BUT it is for our anniversary present which is on the 21st and we are leaving for our cruise on Saturday and we wanted to have the new camera for our vacation! I bought John and golf bag that he really wanted.


One thought on “Happy BIrthday Hubby!

  1. Next time, instead of icing words, try mini M&M's in the same color or white chocolate mini Hershey's kisses. Unless you're a professional, icing does tend to be pretty difficult to beautifully do. But if you use miniature candies….you can do whatever you want in writing, and if it doesn't look good, you can take them off and re-do them (as long as you wait to stabilize them by pushing them down in the cookie until AFTER it's perfect). lol


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