Let Freedom Ring

This 4th of July I spent the day at my friends Cindy and Craig’s house/pool. Cindy and I have known each other since middle school and Craig is her future husband and a member of the US Army. Also at the party were some of their Army buddies and wives/girlfriends/friends. We had a great time laying by the pool grilling out – I had the most absolutely without a doubt BEST bleu cheese hamburger – it was mixed in with the meat already. To die for, literally. John joined us after work. Later I needed to take a little nap – being out in the sun made me hot, it had nothing to do with the wine I had at all. After my wonderful nap the Cindy, Craig, John and I went to Hutchinson Island to watch the fireworks that were being lit off at Riverstreet. We went on this little dirt road that not very many people went to – it kept us from having to be in all the traffic from the downtown area.

I absolutely love the 4th of July – it is one of my favorite holidays. Maybe because there is so much history to the day and something that across the country we can celebrate together. I love Patriotic songs – they always make me tear up and the pride that so many Americans have is just amazing. We are so lucky to be here and so many people take it for granted. So many people abuse the system with greed and selfishness. There are real people in this country that have fallen on hard times and need help to get back on their feet, but there are so many more that just don’t want to make the effort – they think that things should be handed to them. I don’t think those people are true Americans. A true American shows pride in their work ethic, they want to help their fellow man, and they want to fight for what is right. Sometimes I get so angry at how our country has fallen economically – because of so many greedy individuals. I could go on forever about it, but I won’t.

So, instead I will leave you with a few pictures of the night!


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