Tonight I watched Dirty Dancing – one of my all time absolutely without a doubt favorite movies. When the ending came up I realized I was smiling – don’t you love that? Don’t you love suddenly realizing that you are smiling? I love it – it gives me goosebumps and that good hollow feeling of happiness inside.

The other night Dirty Dancing was on and John was in the room with me. I am not sure if he was watching it or if he was more into the computer, but regardless he was listening to the movie. I told him that I had a childhood fantasy about the movie. I dreament that my family and I went on a similar vacation and I met my Johnny. I LOVE to dance – I always have, so I figured I would be one step above “Baby” because I already knew how to dance. After I told John my story I said, “but instead I met you”. Of course I wouldn’t trade John in for all the Johnnies in the world. It still would be nice just to all of a sudden break into dance in the middle of what is going on the world. Sort of like I used to when I was younger…


4 thoughts on “Smiling

  1. I must say Dirty Dancing is the best! I know the feeling of wanting to get up and dance the entire last show… When I was younger, I used to pretend I was one of the dancers in the audience! Fun times!


  2. Dirty Dancing was/is one of my favorites too! I also married a man who isn't much for dancing…but he does watch “Dancing With The Stars” with me, so I can't complain!


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