Andrea & Matt’s Reception

Tonight we went to Andrea and Matt’s reception – held here in town. On May 28th they went to Jamaica and got married with both of their parents in attendance and then held a reception for friends and family to attend. It was such a beautiful setting on the marsh and outside at night. Matt and I went to elem/middle/high school together and all four of us (John, Matt, Andrea, and I) went to college together. Andrea and I had a few classes together and we were also both involved in the same circle of Greek life friends. While we were there I ran into a few other friends from high school a college as well and it was a nice time to catch up with their lives.
Naturally – as during all memorable moments as this I started to get a little misty eyed when Matt and his mom had their dance together. I realized that I will never have my first dance with Hudson – not a first dance or any dance with him. I will, however, dance with him when I get to Heaven and see him, but never here on earth. Moments like these are hard to take and it makes you realize even more how hard the death of a child is and the death of your future/dreams with that child.

Andrea & Brittany


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