Anaheim, CA – Day 1

EARLY this morning we caught our flight to Anaheim, CA – by way of Atlanta, GA. John and I are so looking forward to this trip – after everything that has gone on the past few months a little vacation is nice! One funny thing about us leaving is that we are leaving Savannah when the most of the world is traveling too Savannah for the HUGE St. Patrick’s Day event. We really don’t mind leaving the festivities behind =)
The reason we are able to go on this trip is because his work won a contest over the holidays and the top 5 in each store level get to take their families on an all expenses paid trip! After our flight we arrived and dropped our luggage in a huge pile of luggage and caught a bus to our hotel – Marriott Anaheim. The hotel was great and our first step was to check in followed by John registering. Our first present (John’s work always gives away freebies!) was a digital camera and a few other little things.
The view from our room

After registering and getting settled we headed to Dave and Busters to eat dinner and play some fun games! The place also has a bowling ally and some other great shopping venues.

John & I @ Dave & Busters


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