Wedding – Doug and Lexi

This weekend we went to Doug and Lexi’s wedding. As a tribute to me they planned it to be on my birthday weekend – ha! We got there Friday night and went to the rehearsal and dinner because John was a groomsman. A lot of our friends were also in the wedding party so it was a great time! John and I stayed and Alex’s house and slept in one of the most comfortable beds ever – seriously, it was phenomenal.

Saturday we had all of the wedding festivities – John had to be up early to go do his groomsman duties and I just hung out. I ended up bringing a cooler of water and some other things for the wedding party to have while they were taking pictures. Later I got ready and went to the wedding. It was beautiful – naturally!

Next we went to the reception and had a wonderful dinner and a great time visiting with all of our friends that were there. Weddings are so great and it is so nice to see everyone that we used to see on a daily basis. John and I definitely miss our friends.

After we saw Doug and Lexi off (they are in Costa Rica for their honeymoon) we headed to the strip of bars and the Kappa Sig house to hang out with others that were in town and those that were at the wedding. We also had to celebrate my birthday! It was a fun time until one of the male members of the group got a little rowdy and had to leave the bar….boo to him!

Sunday we drove home and then we had my birthday dinner and birthday cake – yum!!

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