A BIG Change

Today we moved away from Valdosta to my hometown. The day after we got back from our honeymoon we had the worst wedding present ever – John lost his job. Seriously – what the?? Anyways, this is definitely going to be a blessing for us. I wasn’t very happy with my job so I quit my job and we are moving in with my parents – yep, my parents. Now of course this isn’t the most ideal situation, but its what we are going to do and its going to be a great way for us to save money to buy our own house. We had always talked about moving to where one of us was from after a year or so, but instead our plans just got bumped up a bit.

We rented a truck from Budget and then packed up our 2-bedroom apartment. Hunter was going crazy because we were moving everything. I had to turn in all of my stuff to my old job, laptops, car, etc. so now we only have John’s truck here. I took my car back home a couple of years ago when I got a company car. We had a little tift over who was going to drive the Budget truck because it had A/C – John’s truck has none. He won so John and Hunter had the nice cool air while I sweated to death. We met my parents where their cottage is and we’re storing the majority of our stuff there. Hunter loved running around in the grass and having so much freedom while we moved all of our stuff (read: my junk) into the cottage.

We hope to hurry and both find new jobs so that we can be out on our own within a year!


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